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There’s Something about Summer

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Every year, I approach summer with the same excitement that I feel when I’m meeting a long-lost friend – it makes me so happy.

I love the traditions and holidays that mark the passage of summer, starting with an old-fashioned Memorial Day parade down Main Street in Westport, summer poolside entertaining, sidewalk sales, 4th of July fireworks on the beach and Labor Day barbecues. 

There is something ethereal about summer light.  I love getting up early on the weekends and taking advantage of the early morning light in my studio, but not before I make some coffee, first. Summer makes me happy and I really think that is reflected in my summer work.  

I love everything about summer, the clothes, the colors, the beach and the way it makes me feel. As far as I’m concerned, summer is a feel-good season meant to be enjoyed to its fullest every day, even if those days are at the office. 

My summer uniform is flowy skirts, tops and sandals and on the weekends, I can’t live without my tees, my Sunny Daze bucket hat (I love the sun but not on my face) and my Clarins lip balm. I use my new large summer Tote to pack in when heading out east and then it’s my beach bag.  I grab my KR Klutch- pack my jewelry in it when traveling then use it as a catch-all bag during the day and use it as my evening bag at night.  Don’t you love it when things are multi-purpose? For me, less is more. 

Summer is also the time to entertain, and as I mentioned before, I love to entertain, and my husband loves to cook (lucky!).  One of my favorite things to do is to set the table- I often dot each dinner plate with one of my 2x2 Blocks of Love as gifts for my dinner guests. That’s always a big hit, as is David’s Steak Frites!  It just doesn’t get better than summer barbecues by the pool with friends and my almost grown kids and all of their friends. Sometimes it feels like Grand Central station at my house, but that’s just the way I love it. 

Is summer your favorite season? If so, why? Comment on IG – I love hearing from you!


Kerri’s Large  Summer tote

Kerri’s Large Summer tote

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