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My Mother's Day


It’s a day like a no other.

We all know being a mother is hard work.  Harder than anything you could ever dream of doing, but it also the most rewarding job you could ever have.  Ups and downs and all-arounds, oh yeah, and sideways sometimes too, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.


Mother’s Day is a day to honor mothers everywhere and this one will be no exception.  

This Mother’s Day, I really want to celebrate motherhood in the best way I know how—(relaxing for sure but…) by thanking and honoring my three children Ali, Will and Emma for making me a better person and supporting me in my journey as an artist and business entrepreneur.

 I chose early on to be a working mom and it’s really all I’ve ever known.  My first-born Ali traveled back and forth to Holland with me while I headed up a division of the Dutch lifestyle brand, Oilily.  Once we moved out of NYC  and added to our family, I started to paint.  It was a way for me to express myself in ways that I never had before. It was freeing and I got lost in the creative process.  That was just the beginning of my creative journey of interior design, retail and creating a lifestyle brand.


In each of their own special ways, they have helped me to be a better mom, person, and artist.  Each one of them has helped shape who I am today, and for that I am so grateful. 

Laughter is a gift that my oldest daughter Ali gives freely with her larger than life personality and outrageous wit. Ali works with me at the shop in Westport, and she has been with me since the beginning.  I’m lucky to be able to work and collaborate with her every day.

Will, my second, is going off to college next year. His musical talents, encouraged from an early age, amaze me.  He plays with a band and can be seen playing around Fairfield county, CT.  Life will be very different when he leaves but I know, as every mother does, that it’s time to let go and hope that all we did before this moment will be enough. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 4.32.16 PM.png
April25KerriRosenthal-33 copy.jpg

Emma, our youngest is still in High School but already has already made a great impact on my business. We collaborated  on a design and it is now one of our most popular fabrics and wallpapers we offer – I named it Jayney after Emma’s middle name. There are more collaborations to come so stay tuned!

I’ve learned a lot from my kids, like the best guitar riffs, practical jokes, humility, humor, resilience (lots of it, right?) but the most important is the deep-down depth of love I feel every day.

I love sharing my world with you. Thank you for coming on this crazy ride and Happy Mother’s Day!



Photographs by Julia Dags