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Kerri and Rali in front of Kerri’s Drippy Hearts

Kerri and Rali in front of Kerri’s Drippy Hearts

It’s not often that you find a kindred spirit that you have actually never met, but that is exactly how I feel about the fab designer from Newport Beach, CA, Raili Clasen of Raili CA Design.

Surfboards in Sunshine Carbon and Drippy Heart

Surfboards in Sunshine Carbon and Drippy Heart

Raili and I met each other by email when she first commissioned me for a Drippy Heart.  That was the first of many commissions, the latest being an extra-large Red Drippy Heart (the only one I have ever done) she used in one of her homes she was designing.  It was actually attached to a sliding door to create an amazing focal point.

Once we got to know each other, we realized how much we had in common and that is what led us to this surfboard collaboration.  Raili knew of a top surfboard maker in Venice Beach that could turn my artwork into something truly unique and hangable, and believe it or not, surfable too.

There are six designs to choose from, including my signature Drippy Heart. Other board designs include: Crazy in Love, Red, White & True, Feel Love, And So On, and Sunshine in Carbon or Sunshine.  They all stem from my original art, as everything I do stems from my art.

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These boards can be hung over a bed or leaned against a wall, and either way, they make a big impact. We also decided that this should be a meaningful collaboration so decided that a portion of the proceeds would benefit CASA.

To celebrate the launch of our surfboards, we thought we would do something a bit different- a fun Q & A with me and Raili. Hang Ten People!

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How did you meet? Believe it or not, Raili and I have never met in person, but I feel like we are two kindred spirits on two coasts who are meant to be together! We say that we are sisters from another mister. We share the same spirit and have a similar laid back style that you cannot quite place. Some call it Je ne sais quois.

What is it about Raili and her design aesthetic that made you want to collaborate? It was an instant magnetic kind of thing when it happens and you just go with it. It’s a west coast-east coast. color, happy, fearless, kind of attraction.

How do you use the KR x RC surfboards in your designs? I have one in my shop and the other is hanging in my home.  I truly believe that I’m a Cali girl in a Brooklyn body and when Raili first came to me for her first client commission and then one for her studio we bonded in a very innate way and never looked back. 

Do you or have you ever surfed? If so, where’s your favorite place to surf? –I honestly love the beach but hate the ocean. I wish I was different but this is the honest truth. We spend summers in the Hamptons. My husband and kids are really ocean people and I just love to sit there and watch.

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Do you have a favorite surfboard design? I love them all! It’s like asking me to pick my favorite painting. Impossible. I can’t pick my favorite child and I could same the same for my artwork.  

Surf or Hang? Hang Ten. HANG! 

What design projects are you working on right now? I’m coming up to the end of a three-year build project, with the move-in date getting closer by the minute (October). It’s been the biggest most exciting project I’ve worked on so can’t wait to see the end result. 


How did you first hear about Kerri and what drew you to her? I opened up a Domino magazine and about fell off my chair. Immediately googled and stalked Kerri and commissioned my first TWO pieces the next month—one for a client and one for me. 

How do you use the KR x RC surfboards in your designs?  They are PERFECT in our California coastal projects. We are always looking for a little hit of color and personality, and these art pieces deliver!

Are you a surfer? Where’s your favorite place to surf?  Well, trick question.. I will surf in 85 degree water, 2 foot waves and someone pushing me into a wave. Mostly I tag along on a LOT of surf trips with my hubby and kids.

Do you have a favorite surfboard design? YES. Drippy Heart, of course!!

Surf or Hang? BOTH. These boards are rideable! 

What design projects are you working on right now? Lots of residential projects but also finishing up the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch in central California. That one is a dream project for sure.

What is your connection with CASA? I am deeply connected to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). I am a trained CASA advocate (36 hours of training and sooo many security clearances) and have had 4 different CASA kids under my wing. CASA pairs one child with one advocate to help mentor AND represent them in the court system, as well as support them and oversee their care. 

 I hope you enjoyed our little interviews!