Welcome to The Art Of Happy. I will be featuring anything that makes me feel good, that puts a smile on my face and in turn, I hope it will put a smile on yours! XO, Kerri

What is Paperless Wallpaper?

We have taken our wallpaper designs off the paper! Yeah that's right...styling your walls just got way more fun. As an extension of our wallpaper collection, we have launched a line of paperless wallpaper derived from the Kerri Rosenthal designs you know and love. Use them to dress up your walls without leaving a mark.


Easily removable and reusable, Paperless Wallpaper is perfect for any space as a creative alternative to posters or wallpaper. They come in a wide array of colors and styles. Mix and match the ones you love to fit your vibe. Go minimal with simple black dots or add a pop of color with palm trees or anchors. The possibilities are endless, go wild!