Welcome to The Art Of Happy. I will be featuring anything that makes me feel good, that puts a smile on my face and in turn, I hope it will put a smile on yours! XO, Kerri



I start the New Year with a bit of reflecting on the past one, honoring what was, so I can step into what will be with an invigorating sense of newness and creativity. I am sure there are many of you who will be doing the same. 

I truly believe Love has opened many doors for me and through these doors I’ve had some amazing and wonderful experiences this year - including a special commission for Lou & Grey, Westport (below).

It’s been an extraordinary year of creativity and growth and I could not have done it without my incredible team of creative geniuses who help drive the creativity and share in this journey of building our growing, happy brand.  

2018 was a year of many firsts and seconds and everything in between.  A January move tripled our floor space giving us more room for the art gallery and retail space.  Our home collection keeps growing, and we now offer 250 fabrics and wallpapers, all based on my original artwork. 

We launched our Paperless Wallpaper collection, a fun and cost-effective way to add some sunshine to any space. It’s easy to use and based on my original artwork, so what’s not to love? We installed the Dust Bunny Paperless Wallpaper for a special client's playroom which won athome Magazine's A-List Award for 2018 Kids' Playspace. 

We also introduced Romeo, a very handsome, and comfy upholstered chair and Juliet, a stool that I designed with a specific client in mind.  They are great additions to our growing home collection and I’m grateful to all of the designers and clients who have fallen in love with them, too.

A whistle-stop tour of highlights of 2018 also must include being featured in The New York Times twice, launching several new painting collections and really, just working with the best clients, ever.

As much as I love what I do, and I really do, I need that break during the cold winter months to recharge, revive and reconnect. I look forward to a sunny winter holiday & spending lots of time with my family every year. If you are creative, you will know that creativity never sleeps and so even on vacation, I find myself drawing, doodling, taking pictures and just creating more, more, more.  


It’s these beautiful memories with family, friends and wonderful clients hat keep me going and buoy me throughout the year. And what a year 2019 will be! Stay tuned for big launches, new art and new loves – coming your way soon. 

 Hoping that your New Year is filled with love and sunshine.