Welcome to The Art Of Happy. I will be featuring anything that makes me feel good, that puts a smile on my face and in turn, I hope it will put a smile on yours! XO, Kerri


One of my many obsessions is my coffee. There is  something about that morning ritual and that first sip. On a cold fall afternoon, there is nothing better than to hold warm mug your hands.  I like Starbucks , hot in winter and iced in the summer. I'm old school with a  splash of  half + half. So there you have it, one of my vices.. half and half. Now you know!

I use my mugs as little dots of art in my kitchen. I change them up day to day,  season to season or for no reason at all. 


This Is a funny shoot we did at Le Penguin, a very chic restaurant in Sconset Square and one I go to often. Sometimes I take clients there and we sit at the bar to just regroup after a day of sourcing, of course while drinking a cup of their amazing espresso. 

Here are some mugs that I love from my mug collection.  All designs are based on an original painting. Not sure you knew that!   I am equally obsessed with mugs by other designers.  I am insanely in love with coffee cups by Astier de Villatte for John Derian.  My kids give me one on mothers day each year.  They are super pricey but are little works of art. Almost too special to drink coffee out of!


I even have paintings inspired by coffee... 

And I love you a latte too!