Welcome to The Art Of Happy. I will be featuring anything that makes me feel good, that puts a smile on my face and in turn, I hope it will put a smile on yours! XO, Kerri

A Day With Lou & Grey


The Kerri Rosenthal and Lou & Grey collaboration is truly a match made in the stars. Lou & Grey’s mission is to sell feel-good clothes that are fashion forward, yet comfortable. 


They believe that looking good is rooted in feeling good. Similarly, Kerri Rosenthal’s art is meant to make people happy. “People tend to smile at my art,” Kerri says, “I hope to bring light-hearted fun and color to people’s lives—everyone could use a little extra dose of sunshine and good vibes every now and then.”


This collaboration was extremely organic and natural because of the fundamental similarities between the two: Happiness, color and good vibes. The idea of color and exploring color was the starting point for the collaboration between Kerri Rosenthal and Lou & Grey. “I think the common denominator between Lou & Grey and my art is the passionate love for color,” says artist, business owner and all around creative genius, Kerri Rosenthal.


Kerri was thrilled to be chosen, along with 3 other female artists across the country, to paint a site-specific piece in a Lou & Grey store. Kerri had a blast covering the walls of their Westport, CT location with her colorful creations. Kerri describes the process: “We started with a palette that was driven by existing paintings  of mine. We were thinking spring, warm weather and soft to mid saturated colors.”


The mural is spontaneous and unexpected, which is true to Kerri’s painting style. “My style is happy! And true to my heart. I let myself experiment and try new things—there are no mistakes.” The installation is the perfect way to launch into springtime after a long winter and gives off major happy vibes. “I want someone to walk into the room and feel warm and fuzzy and energized by my art.”