Welcome to The Art Of Happy. I will be featuring anything that makes me feel good, that puts a smile on my face and in turn, I hope it will put a smile on yours! XO, Kerri



If art imitates life, then this drop cloth says it all. This is my life -- It’s colorful, messy, amazing and a bit crazy.  It’s what I call a beautiful mess.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 1.34.17 PM.png


I’ve just introduced my new Love Letters series earlier this year. Love is always a theme in my art work, sometimes it’s right there in front of you and other times it’s hidden from view, but it’s always there.

l wanted to recreate that feeling you get, down deep inside, when you read something from a loved one, whether it’s hand-written, an email or a text.  I took that inspiration to my studio and started painting LOVE in many forms and sizes and colors. Not too perfect, not too predictable, just like love. 


The name came to me after I painted it early one morning.  Sometimes I think of a word or phrase and other times the painting comes first and the name follows.  Every day and every painting is different and comes from within.

KR WITH ART_7615.jpg

More is more when it comes to hanging art.  I’m never too precious about it and like to just put things up before I decide if it works or not. I love working with color but also like to incorporate neutral palettes with lots of texture too. Link to Kerri’s original art