If art imitates life, then this drop cloth says it all. This is my life -- It’s colorful, messy, amazing and a bit crazy.  It’s what I call a beautiful mess.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 1.34.17 PM.png


I’ve just introduced my new Love Letters series earlier this year. Love is always a theme in my art work, sometimes it’s right there in front of you and other times it’s hidden from view, but it’s always there.

l wanted to recreate that feeling you get, down deep inside, when you read something from a loved one, whether it’s hand-written, an email or a text.  I took that inspiration to my studio and started painting LOVE in many forms and sizes and colors. Not too perfect, not too predictable, just like love. 


The name came to me after I painted it early one morning.  Sometimes I think of a word or phrase and other times the painting comes first and the name follows.  Every day and every painting is different and comes from within.

KR WITH ART_7615.jpg

More is more when it comes to hanging art.  I’m never too precious about it and like to just put things up before I decide if it works or not. I love working with color but also like to incorporate neutral palettes with lots of texture too. Link to Kerri’s original art



I start the New Year with a bit of reflecting on the past one, honoring what was, so I can step into what will be with an invigorating sense of newness and creativity. I am sure there are many of you who will be doing the same. 

I truly believe Love has opened many doors for me and through these doors I’ve had some amazing and wonderful experiences this year - including a special commission for Lou & Grey, Westport (below).

It’s been an extraordinary year of creativity and growth and I could not have done it without my incredible team of creative geniuses who help drive the creativity and share in this journey of building our growing, happy brand.  

2018 was a year of many firsts and seconds and everything in between.  A January move tripled our floor space giving us more room for the art gallery and retail space.  Our home collection keeps growing, and we now offer 250 fabrics and wallpapers, all based on my original artwork. 

We launched our Paperless Wallpaper collection, a fun and cost-effective way to add some sunshine to any space. It’s easy to use and based on my original artwork, so what’s not to love? We installed the Dust Bunny Paperless Wallpaper for a special client's playroom which won athome Magazine's A-List Award for 2018 Kids' Playspace. 

We also introduced Romeo, a very handsome, and comfy upholstered chair and Juliet, a stool that I designed with a specific client in mind.  They are great additions to our growing home collection and I’m grateful to all of the designers and clients who have fallen in love with them, too.

A whistle-stop tour of highlights of 2018 also must include being featured in The New York Times twice, launching several new painting collections and really, just working with the best clients, ever.

As much as I love what I do, and I really do, I need that break during the cold winter months to recharge, revive and reconnect. I look forward to a sunny winter holiday & spending lots of time with my family every year. If you are creative, you will know that creativity never sleeps and so even on vacation, I find myself drawing, doodling, taking pictures and just creating more, more, more.  


It’s these beautiful memories with family, friends and wonderful clients hat keep me going and buoy me throughout the year. And what a year 2019 will be! Stay tuned for big launches, new art and new loves – coming your way soon. 

 Hoping that your New Year is filled with love and sunshine. 



White is A Color Too

You know I love color and surround myself with it every day.  My store is bursting to the seams with it, the walls of my Connecticut home are lined with it and my art studio is like a color explosion, but I will let you in on a little secret, my bedroom is awash in whites and soft greys. A calm oasis of white walls and linens, with pops of contrasts with my artwork and pillows that I change more times than I like to admit.   It just makes me go ahhhhh when I step inside.


This room is my sanctuary, where I surround myself with things that I love most.  Scents and textures, soft and cozy.   It’s where I come to recharge and let the busy-ness of the day settle.

Some nights, and there aren’t many at the moment with the busy holiday season, I light one of my favorite candlesand indulge in one of my greatest passions, reading.  I always have a stack of books on my nightstand, and recently I have been loving The Hare with Amber EyesI actually love reading coffee table books and always find inspiration for my interior design and creative projects. I also use them, like the gorgeous Assouline books in our shop, to style coffee tables, shelves, nightstands, tables, you name it. 


Each day is unlike the other, and I love it.  I love painting, working with my gorgeous clients and spending time at my shop and studio in Westport. It’s that passion and drive that keeps me going, sometimes long into the night and early in the morning. But it’s the calm and relaxation I feel when I step across the threshold into my bedroom that gives me what I need to get up and do it all over again.



One of my many obsessions is my coffee. There is  something about that morning ritual and that first sip. On a cold fall afternoon, there is nothing better than to hold warm mug your hands.  I like Starbucks , hot in winter and iced in the summer. I'm old school with a  splash of  half + half. So there you have it, one of my vices.. half and half. Now you know!

I use my mugs as little dots of art in my kitchen. I change them up day to day,  season to season or for no reason at all. 


This Is a funny shoot we did at Le Penguin, a very chic restaurant in Sconset Square and one I go to often. Sometimes I take clients there and we sit at the bar to just regroup after a day of sourcing, of course while drinking a cup of their amazing espresso. 

Here are some mugs that I love from my mug collection.  All designs are based on an original painting. Not sure you knew that!   I am equally obsessed with mugs by other designers.  I am insanely in love with coffee cups by Astier de Villatte for John Derian.  My kids give me one on mothers day each year.  They are super pricey but are little works of art. Almost too special to drink coffee out of!


I even have paintings inspired by coffee... 

And I love you a latte too!



We XO Stripes


Happiness can live in the most unexpected places. It’s true...even in places where you keep little nibbles when you need a midnight snack. If you think about it, your pantry and laundry room get more use than your dining room. Change things up with some wallpaper and don't be afraid to pop a little color. Give these spaces a little love and it'll be hard not to smile every time you open that door. 

There are little tweaks you can make to any space to make it feel fresh and new. Changing the vibe with a few new pillows or hanging new art can make a huge difference. Stripes are timeless, which is why I love to play with mixing them into a room's palette.

WHAT IF YOU COULD PUT UP WALLPAPER IN 5 MINUTES FLAT? Read the article in Architectural Digest

We were recently featured in Architectural Digest, link HERE 


This feature is about our paperless wallpaper. I will tell you how I came up with it. I had a client and we were about to do their very large playroom. They are a cute young family who had just moved from NYC to Westport. The mom wanted a room that could be as cool for the adults as it is for the kids to hang in.  She had her heart set on classic wallpaper but the the amount needed did not make budget sense. She loved one of my wallpapers called Splat.. So we cut the splat out of the paper and out came Paperless Wallpaper.  She got the wallpaper without the paper. Saved money and trees all at the same time!

Heres how to pull together a look with a pack of Paperless and a bunch of pillows: 

Paperless Directions:

Close your eyes

Peel and stick you Paperless on your walls

Now open your eyes

and do the happy dance.


Because you just created magic


Kerri 💛

Nothing But Sunshine, as seen in Domino Magazine

Our Paperless wallpaper and other pieces from our home collection, were recently featured in Domino Magazine   This is a nursery that I helped design. The client wanted the colors to be vibrant and happy, not so boy predictable and she was fierce with her choices. 


Mixing green, black, and white (with a spot of yellow), this boys nursery is super cute for this little guy and all of his visitors to hang in. The client used our Sunshine wallpaper and our Green Palm Tree Paperless Wallpaper on different walls. Our Sunshine lumbar pillow in Belgian linen and a black framed  Green Drippy Heart print completed the space. 

I think it's very clear that there's nothing but sunshine for this little guy!



Read All About It, KR In The New York Times



I was recently interviewed for a NY Times article about designing vacation rentals. I had just recently completed one in Southport, CT. 

My thoughts on vacation rentals are to keep what you can super simple and add pops of color on easily replaceable items. Pillows and accessories can make the space homey and seasonal. 

Add art to warm up the home and always place a painting  in the entry where the renters are greeted when they walk in.



Photo courtesy of: Amy Hirsch Interiors

Photo courtesy of: Amy Hirsch Interiors

I love seeing my work through different view points. It helps me open up as an artist and moves me in new directions. Each designer has put their own magical vibe on my photograph, Love Will Find. Amy Hirsch hung it in her clients music room and Calla McNamara hung it over a bed in this teen's room.  Each vibe is so vastly different, yet they both make me smile.  

Photo courtesy of: Calla McNamara Interiors

Photo courtesy of: Calla McNamara Interiors

I shot this photograph from an Uber in the West Village in New York City. 
We were stopped in traffic and as I looked out my window, I immediately saw this most perfectly imperfect city scape. 


Construction, graffiti and of course a phone booth were all together in one perfect NYC moment.  I reached for my camera, sweating that the light would change too quickly, and this most perfect picture would be lost in my memory. Just as the light was about to to turn green,  I captured this photo.  When I got  home that night and looked at it on the big screen, I realized what I did not see when scrambling to shoot it...Keith Richards!   Keith billboards were proudly standing in the background of my photo. My son and husband are guitar players and music enthusiasts (The Rolling Stones is always blasting in my house, in particularly). I felt like I won the Million Dollar Lottery with this one!

Love Will Always Find The Way.




What is Paperless Wallpaper?

We have taken our wallpaper designs off the paper! Yeah that's right...styling your walls just got way more fun. As an extension of our wallpaper collection, we have launched a line of paperless wallpaper derived from the Kerri Rosenthal designs you know and love. Use them to dress up your walls without leaving a mark.


Easily removable and reusable, Paperless Wallpaper is perfect for any space as a creative alternative to posters or wallpaper. They come in a wide array of colors and styles. Mix and match the ones you love to fit your vibe. Go minimal with simple black dots or add a pop of color with palm trees or anchors. The possibilities are endless, go wild! 


A Day With Lou & Grey


The Kerri Rosenthal and Lou & Grey collaboration is truly a match made in the stars. Lou & Grey’s mission is to sell feel-good clothes that are fashion forward, yet comfortable. 


They believe that looking good is rooted in feeling good. Similarly, Kerri Rosenthal’s art is meant to make people happy. “People tend to smile at my art,” Kerri says, “I hope to bring light-hearted fun and color to people’s lives—everyone could use a little extra dose of sunshine and good vibes every now and then.”


This collaboration was extremely organic and natural because of the fundamental similarities between the two: Happiness, color and good vibes. The idea of color and exploring color was the starting point for the collaboration between Kerri Rosenthal and Lou & Grey. “I think the common denominator between Lou & Grey and my art is the passionate love for color,” says artist, business owner and all around creative genius, Kerri Rosenthal.


Kerri was thrilled to be chosen, along with 3 other female artists across the country, to paint a site-specific piece in a Lou & Grey store. Kerri had a blast covering the walls of their Westport, CT location with her colorful creations. Kerri describes the process: “We started with a palette that was driven by existing paintings  of mine. We were thinking spring, warm weather and soft to mid saturated colors.”


The mural is spontaneous and unexpected, which is true to Kerri’s painting style. “My style is happy! And true to my heart. I let myself experiment and try new things—there are no mistakes.” The installation is the perfect way to launch into springtime after a long winter and gives off major happy vibes. “I want someone to walk into the room and feel warm and fuzzy and energized by my art.”